Year in Review 2019

2019 was another year of growth and progress at RelateTheNews™ and our parent company INTERConnect Analytics. For 2019 our team focused on 4 primary areas for continuing our growth in the global AI and NLP driven alternative market data arena and beyond.

  1. Rapid adoption of AlphaEDGAR™ - The release of AlphaEDGAR™ in late 2018 inspired great interest by our core market at RelateTheNews™, quant hedge funds and quantamental money managers. That interest was transformed to action in 2019 as AlphaEDGAR provided our company with our fastest rate of sales since the company began in 2013.
  2. Evolving our technology and technology delivery - As a team we evaluate new technologies and technology providers constantly to determine if and when we need evolve the technologies used to deliver our services and solutions. 2019 saw that evaluation inspire us to diversify our cloud architecture providers with the addition of AWS to suite of providers. We also launched our first solutions built primarily with Go - giving us highly performant code and multi-threading capability for our NLP sentiment products.
  3. Research and Development into new data solutions for the global marketplace - We continue to work with clients and partners to evaluate and bring to market NLP big data textual analysis solutions both within the global financial markets and new fields where our extensive track record of transforming text into actionable insights drives new value. 2020 will be a year in which these efforts begin to truly evolve our solution set.
  4. Refocusing our brand and solutions - Prior to 2019 our primary interaction with clients and prospective clients was solely through our RelateTheNews™ brand. With the launch and rapid adoption of AlphaEDGAR™ the importance of the market seeing the range of our AI and NLP text analysis solutions came to the forefront. We continue to transition to INTERConnect Analytics as the entry and focal point for the entire breadth of our solutions not only for the global capital markets but also consulting, sports, healthcare and beyond. Please take a moment to sign up for our INTERConnect Analytics newsletter to insure you are staying informed about our entire portfolio of AI/NLP text analysis solutions and services.

We thank our clients, partners and supporters around the world for working with us to provide cutting edge effective solutions for the last 6 years. And we look forward to working with each of you in 2020 and beyond to continue to leverage the growing capability of NLP and AI to transform text into rapid profitable customer focused action across a wide-array of global markets.