Why is market news analysis important






Every day there are hundreds of thousands news articles written around the world. We created a market news analysis engine to quantify and highlight the most positive and negative news relevant to the financial markets.

New Overload? RelateTheNews can help
Create time to focus on your trading and investments


Finding new stocks to trade and monitoring your existing portfolio of stocks while managing risk in the markets is a full time job. With RelateTheNews our proprietary Insight Index®, a measure of positive or negative news, provides a quantified view of market news. By providing a quantified view of financial market news more time is available to focus on what matters most - being highly effective in the markets.


Gaining an edge in the financial markets is a constant challenge whether you are an institution, financial technology company, asset manager, financial advisor or individual. With more and more availability of market data the information playing field continues to be leveled. Our entire suite of solutions - sentiment analysis engine, proprietary financial news sentiment data, software as a service (Saas), and platform as a service (PaaS) were created to provide market participants and financial market information edge.

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