Two Experts. One Result. Alpha.

RelateTheNews’s core approach to providing our clients the ability to achieve significant real-world results in their business is to transform text into actionable indicators. We are experts focused on meaningful data analysis and data creation. Our clients are experts at applying unique alternative market data, such as news sentiment data, to drive alpha.

Our goal is to apply technology to analyze the widest effective array of text based data while also insuring that the created data, sentiment indicators, provide an insightful, unique and profitable set of indicators for application within the entire investment life-cycle.

We believe that our client’s best interest is served by providing these repeatable and actionable sentiment indicators so that each firm may apply their proprietary quantitative approaches to drive alpha results to their firm in a protected and returns maximizing manner. Following this philosophy, to date RelateTheNews has not created or tested specific strategies utilizing our proprietary and unique sentiment indicators created from sentiment analysis of financial market news. However at the request of our clients we have put together two proof of concept alpha generating strategies. The first strategy is a long/short trade at the open strategy which could generally be used for lower frequency trading firms or individuals. The second strategy is a long only minutely trading strategy more suited to a quantitative hedge fund. To insure effective proof these strategies were tested and retested using Quantopian’s backtesting capability. From the beginning, we perform periodic analysis of our sentiment data creation algorithms as well as spot tests to insure that our sentiment indicators continue to have alpha generating capability. Adding the basic algorithmic trading strategies is yet another step toward insuring our clients are receiving impactful data from RelateTheNews. Data which our clients use in ways wholly unique to their trading styles and quantitative approaches.

RelateTheNews Insight Index Intraday Trading Strategy Backtest Results
2 year Backtesting Results for Intraday Strategy. Contact us to learn the details of this strategy and how you could be generating greater alpha returns using RelateTheNews sentiment data.

We are ready and able to assist each of our clients and future clients apply our actionable sentiment data to generate greater alpha and extend their internal capabilities. Contact us to learn more about the proof of concept strategies we have tested and how the unique and proprietary data created by RelateTheNews can be applied to generate alpha at your firm.