Turn agenda setting theory into alpha opportunity

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What is agenda setting bias or theory? Why does agenda-setting bias matter to investment management firms and hedge funds when making trading choices or managing risk? How can financial market participants overcome or mitigate this agenda setting bias? Why is agenda setting theory important in the financial markets? Now that we know what agenda-setting bias […]

Actionable Big Data for the Financial Markets

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Recently, RelateTheNews was featured by Beehive Startups as one of Utah’s growing startups. The piece features not only the value RelateTheNews brings to the capital markets but also the growing breadth of INTERConnect Analytics, Inc’s big data text transformation capability with a recent foray into the rapidly expanding fantasy sports market. To read the full article […]

Financial Market News Dramatic Headlines Hide Detail

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“Dow drops more than 350…” stated Yahoo Finance on Friday Dec 18, 2015.  Eye catching? Yes. Dramatic? Most definitely. Useful financial market or trading information? Possibly. While this article contains much more detail and useful information for traders and investors. Readers today quite often stop at the headline – missing out on useful and actionable […]