2017 Benzinga FinTech Awards Nomination

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RelateTheNews is pleased to announce that we have been selected to participate in the 2017 Benzinga FinTech Awards. Our success in this leading global competition relies on the support of our clients, colleagues and industry advocates. Please share our page on your favorite social media sites(see below for easy voting links) to express your support […]

Two Experts. One Result. Alpha.

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RelateTheNews’s core approach to providing our clients the ability to achieve significant real-world results in their business is to transform text into actionable indicators. We are experts focused on meaningful data analysis and data creation. Our clients are experts at applying unique alternative market data, such as news sentiment data, to drive alpha. Our goal is to apply […]

5 years from now trading will look nothing like today

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Fintech continues to grow exponentially and the current as well as future impacts technology will have on financial markets is tremendous.   Technological Acceleration – Creating Challenges and Opportunities From decimalization to the current tick pilot as just two example – the electronification of the markets in the last 16 years has continued to accelerate. Along […]

Turn agenda setting theory into alpha opportunity

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What is agenda setting bias or theory? Why does agenda-setting bias matter to investment management firms and hedge funds when making trading choices or managing risk? How can financial market participants overcome or mitigate this agenda setting bias? Why is agenda setting theory important in the financial markets? Now that we know what agenda-setting bias […]

The wizard, and a look behind the curtain of language & machine Learning

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Researchers, and large corporations (IBM, Google, Facebook) are all searching for the holy grail in machine learning – understanding and responding to the basics of language. A deep learning algorithm created by Google has already been able to learn from their extensive technical support logs and through this learning is now able to create responses […]