Stock Research could benefit from Automation

Automation in Stock Research Recently Indy Sarker from ANALEC wrote great article on the automation of equity research in The Trade News.  He quickly and insightfully hits home the point that automation has allowed traders to focus on “concentrate on complex trades” and yet one large area that will allow firms and individuals to stay focused on their trading – Research…”research, just one step away from trade execution, has remained largely manual.”

Indy continues to drive home that a shift to automation in research could give investors and traders “greater scope to shift its positions in stocks that are predicted to rise of fall in value, or hedge against possible moves.”  This point is crucial to understanding the key value of providing sentiment analysis of a wide variety of market news sources using automation.  With the insights culled through an automated, repeatable, highly specific research system traders can gain the insight necessary to make more informed investment decisions while also helping insure that they need not increase their staff or time dedicated solely to research based tasks.  These automated systems allow them to focus on the markets, their trading and specific investments while insuring they have increased research capability to aid in that focus.