Stock & News Research is Critical, Are You Effective?

As personal investors, traders & market participants we all
have the responsibility of staying current with our market research. We know
all too well the impact that a positive news article can have for a stock on
our watch-list and the sting that a bad earnings call can leave on our
portfolio. Momentum can change in an instant and if we aren’t diligent planners
we can play a price, not to mention the gains we could leave behind.

Many personal investors draw from similar sources, CNBC, The
Wall Street Journal and a handful of stock websites where it’s difficult to
simply determine opinion versus fact. Using a simple collection of sources may
fit into the juggling act of getting the kids to school before the market opens,
but it leaves your investment decisions at the mercy of what produces the highest
ratings for those few sources.

The constant stream of stock news impacts financial markets
every day, it’s why asset managers and hedge funds hold pre-market news
meetings, employ professional researchers and provide very costly news monitors for their staff.

It’s time to level the playing field for personal investors like
you and me. In the past, there has been a huge difference between the available
tools for institutional investors and those for personal/retail investors.
Technology has removed barriers for personal investors and is focused on
providing tools that will empower the growth of your wealth and help you compete
with your next trade.

Our initial launch tools will be focused on surfacing impactful
news (positive & negative) from the around the markets that will allow you
to be informed and help you better understand your opportunities as you sit
down for the open. We’ll be previewing some of these features in future blogs
and for anyone that’s pre-registered, so stay tuned and register at

Happy Trading,