Stay curious in life, business and with data

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Albert Einstein

Last month RelateTheNews participated in the Battlefin Discovery Day event for alternate market data providers. The event was held at the Intrepid museum; a rather unique venue for quants, hedge funds, data providers and asset managers to meet. The event and venue was a reminder to always stay curious. As I walked around the Intrepid aircraft carrier (for the first time after nearly 20 years of doing business in NYC) I was reminded that there is much more to the financial capital of the world than Wall Street. Meeting with a variety of hedge funds and asset managers I was also reminded of the importance of remaining curious - about new sources of data, new methods of analyzing data and new applications of data to drive returns in the markets.

Business Curiosity Drives Adaptation

In meetings with over 12 different hedge funds, asset managers and institutional investors in just 3 hours, curiosity was paramount to success. By staying curious we were able to learn each firm's interest in alternate market data as an alpha generating source of information, risk management, or even as a source for creating new managers and thereby diversifying portfolio risk and alpha across a broad spectrum of talent and technology. The most productive conversations involved true bilateral curiosity; cross-engagement to understand the capabilities of news sentiment alternate market data as well as the full extent and diversity of applications of that data to increase each market participant's ability to perform more effectively across global capital markets. Stay tuned in the next few months as we continue to evolve to increase our client's capabilities in the global markets by addressing these new findings. Findings which were uncovered through engaged curiosity.

Data Curiosity Unlocks New Alpha

RelateTheNews remains curious not only with our clients and prospects but also with our internal processes, our technology and the powerful alpha generating data we create. As a result of this ongoing curiosity to evolve and improve, we have recently completed version 2 of our news sentiment analysis engine for financial markets. With this new engine we have also created a wholly new set of sentiment data for use by quantitative hedge funds and asset managers needing data to be more competitive in the global markets as an information edge continues to be crucial to success. Using artificial intelligence and a domain specific (financial markets) sentiment analysis capability our new data set, generated from over 1M financial news articles, is available now to global market participants. Contact Us today to learn more or to begin an in-house alpha evaluation.