Standards are changing for Financial Markets Software

“Consumer applications are increasingly intuitive and require little to no instruction. If it is easier to use, it will be used.” (Steven Silberstein, CTO, SunGard from Love Story: Consumerization of Technology & Wall Street)

As we move into 2015 and after experiencing a strong year in financial technology in 2014 we must all continue to adapt and evolve the process and applications provided to individuals as well as the institutions in the financial markets. Keeping the above quote in mind financial technology firms as well as institutions will insure that their products are ready for the needs of not only those creating wealth for their nearing retirement but also the millennials that are preparing for to make their mid-life dreams come true. By insuring that the products both technological and trading or investing focused are kept simple to learn as well as intuitive to use the financial industry will insure that all who are preparing their financial future will be able to do so with greater potential for success.

Speaking of preparing for financial success – it is critical to remember that a component of preparing and increasing chances of financial success will hinge on the use of cutting edge tools to analyze the enormous amounts of data involved with the financial markets. As we see in this article from Wall Street and Technology (Love Story: Consumerization of Technology & Wall Street) “many firms are grappling with massive amounts of information and struggling to turn it into useful business intelligence. Applications for the financial services industry need to help users manage the information smartly and quickly.”. Individuals as well as the large financial firms benefit from big-data analysis to sift through the massive amounts of market data and empower their investment or trading decision making in all phases of the investment life-cycle.

At RelateTheNews we believe that bringing together the design principles of simplicity and intuitive use combined with the strength of big-data analysis of market news are crucial components of this wave of evolving technology that will benefit all institutions and individuals. These ingredients combine to provide an insightful and powerful knowledge edge during the investment selection, trading and risk management phases for investors or traders from individuals to large institutions.