Services Overview

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

RelateTheNews provides a platform as a service to FinTech partners and institutions globally. This PaaS enables partners to analyze any of their proprietary text based data (news, briefings, regulatory filings, research reports, etc.) using our proprietary sentiment analysis engine and receive results that are only for their use from the platform.

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Software as a Service (Saas)

RelateTheNews as a Service provides Financial News Sentiment analysis research to the Financial Services Industry with a focus on Market Data providers, Financial Technology Platforms and Investors of all sizes.

Sentiment Analysis Engine

RelateTheNews has created and licenses an adaptable Sentiment Analysis Engine with a focus on the Financial Markets.

News Sentiment Data offered via DaaS

RelateTheNews is an alternative market Data Provider providing our proprietary sentiment data tailored to the Financial Services Industry. Our proprietary sentiment data is available via our Data as a Service(Daas).

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