RelateTheNews enhances website to empower trading news sentiment

We are excited to announce a complete redesign of the RelateTheNews corporate website. RelateTheNews-Launches new website design 11-2-2015

The new website provides quick access to details about our sentiment analysis products and services for the financial markets.

Product and Services include:

  • Sentiment analysis engine

    The foundation of all RelateTheNews products or services is our high-speed, customizable sentiment analysis engine which can read, analyze and store text based data – taking unquantified unstructured text and making it quantified and actionable.

  • Financial sentiment data

    The proprietary financial sentiment data created from the RelateTheNews sentiment analysis engine provides the basis for our SaaS and PaaS products. This sentiment data can also be licensed directly for use in blackbox trading, portfolio construction and analysis, algorithmic trading or any other case in which the raw data is needed to insure rapid and informed responses to the stock market.

  • SaaS

    The RelateTheNews software as a service provides partners to white-label the entire suite of RelateTheNews financial market sentiment data to enhance or extend their products to their clients.

  • PaaS

    With the RelateTheNews Platform as a service our partners can send any private text based data through our sentiment analysis engine using industry standard API architecture.

Now you can more simply

  • See

    Who we work with in the financial services and FinTech industry,

  • Learn

    How to partner with us

  • Power

    Your individual investing and trading with the RelateTheNews market news sentiment platform.

  • Discover

    “Why” relating the news to the markets and your portfolios can increase effectiveness.