Quantitative investing rapidly evolving due to ML, AI and alternative market data

Each day quantitative investment firms are faced with the challenge of finding and capitalizing on opportunities in the global financial markets. To effectively achieve success in the markets, financial market participants are now faced with the task of evaluating, consuming and acting on billions of pieces of unstructured data. Alternate market data providers provide a mechanism for addressing the transformation, consumption and eventual profitable results of this abundance of unstructured data. In "Alt Data on the March with Machine Learning", Ivy Schmerken addresses this ongoing rapid evolution and adoption of big data into the capital markets.

"Amidst the buzz surrounding alternative data, there are still concerns about the amount of resources, time and energy it takes to collect, process and reformat the data for use in algorithms and machine learning tools." - Ivy Schmerken

Schmerken's insights into the reasons for growth, the challenges and opportunities for global investment management firms highlights that using alternative market data is no longer a nice-to-have but a requirement to participate effectively in the global equities markets. According to the Financial Times - AQR, a $208 billion hedge fund, is one of the many investment firms adapting to this new world of consuming and driving results from big data.

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