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At RelateTheNews we make news relevant with our sentiment analysis engine which creates an extensive proprietary set of market sentiment data, available directly or through our sentiment software as a service(SaaS). To insure that we empower as many market participants, traders and investors as possible we partner with market leading FinTech firms.

By partnering with RelateTheNews you will be able to bring class leading news insight to your clients helping to increase the value you bring and providing them with even better tools to make effective trading and investment decisions. When you partner with RelateTheNews you can gain access to the following:

  • Our proprietary news analytics - providing 5 proprietary insightful sentiment data signals for each article we analyze.
  • The RelateTheNews proprietary Insight Index® - the Insight Index® is a summary sentiment indicator for market news related to the broad markets and individual stocks.
  • Historic Charting/Data - the ability to display the historic charts of market sentiment movement via the Insight Index™.
  • Summary Market Insight - show your clients a summary view of the market news sentiment trends.
  • Individual Stock Insight - allow your clients to view market news sentiment trends for their stocks and portfolio enabling them to adjust and adapt their trading to become more effective in the market.

We help the world's institutions, investors and traders as well as help you grow your business and provide even greater value to your clients. Contact us now to explore a partnership opportunity with RelateTheNews.


  • Market Data Providers - Supplement your market data offering with data from the RelateTheNews market news sentiment platform.
  • Research Platform Providers  - Provide your clients with sentiment insights from the RelateTheNews system.
  • Trading Systems - Enhance the trading experience with inline display of sentiment analytics
  • Brokerage Firms - Give your clients a new and expanded data set of market news sentiment and the RelateTheNews Insight Index™ to empower their trading and investing.
  • Algorithmic Trading/Blackbox firms - license the sentiment news analytics and Insight Index™ from RelateTheNews to add enhanced signaling to your trading system.

Partner with RelateTheNews today to enhance and expand your platform and give your firm as well as your clients a quantitative differentiator with market sentiment insight.

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