The Catalyst for RelateTheNews

15 years ago our CEO was trading $20M in notional value of equities and options as a proprietary trader. As his trading strategy was put into action each day their was one component that was missing. The ability to quantifiably integrate news into the investment selection and trade implementation process. To identify new investments or trading opportunities tool was needed to help sift through the over 30,000 articles published each day and quantify, thereby making it actionable, the news that was most relevant to an existing portfolio of stocks and the overall investment selection, trading strategy and risk management process.

Over the course of the last 15 years our CEO has spoken with hundreds of individual traders/investors, hedged funds, institutional money mangers and asset management firms that have faced the same challenges:

  • Which financial news is most important to my portfolio of investments or trading today?
  • Do particular types of news impact my investment portfolio or trading strategy?
  • Are there trading or investment opportunities that are hidden in all the news?
  • How can I add market news sentiment analysis to an existing investment selection process?
  • How can I add market news sentiment data to trading models to potentially enhance returns?
  • How can news be made a measurable entity and therefore monitored with more precision and acted on with greater certainty?

RelateTheNews is a key component of giving FinTech firms, financial institutions, investment professionals, and individuals a competitive edge and answering these challenges.  We help sift through all the sources of news and analysis so that news becomes relevant and actionable to your trading, portfolio risk management, and investing process.