The RelateTheNews Story

RelateTheNews answers critical financial industry news questions with quantified sentiment answers.

There are many challenges that those engaged in the financial markets face.  At RelateTheNews we focus on helping our clients and partners address the following trading and investing challenges.

  • Which financial news is most important to my portfolio of investments or trading today?
  • Do particular types of news impact my investment portfolio or trading strategy?
  • Are there trading or investment opportunities that are hidden in all the news?
  • How to level the information playing field and increase the chance of success for the individual investor?
  • How can I add market news sentiment analysis to an existing investment selection process?
  • How can I add market news sentiment data to trading models to potentially enhance returns?
  • How can I incorporate market news sentiment data into a risk management or compliance framework to better protect my investors and investments?
  • How can news be made a measurable entity and therefore monitored with more precision and acted on with greater certainty?

In your office or on the go RelateTheNews provides the market news analysis you need to trade and invest more effectively.

Why we focus on market sentiment analysis

RelateTheNews was founded to provide individual investors, individual traders, financial advisors and institutional asset management firms with a complete set of market news analytics and sentiment insights to increase their effectiveness in the market.

Our clients depend on the RelateTheNews platform and analytics to:

  • Alpha generation
  • Reduce the amount of time that they spend sifting through hundreds or even thousands of news articles a day
  • Identify new trading or investment opportunities
  • Manage risk in their portfolios and their investment process

Our proprietary Insight Index™ is a key component of the market news sentiment analytics which helps meet these client needs.

As RelateTheNews has evolved we also meet the needs of FinTech firms to enhance their products to further empower their clients with sentiment data and insight.  Our sentiment data and services also meet a critical need of financial advisors, asset management firms and hedge funds to capture sentiment information in their investment, trading and risk management models.

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RelateTheNews is an INTERConnect Analytics, Inc. company