News sentiment analysis proves valuable as the markets swing due to U.S. Election

On Monday of this week RelateTheNews posted on twitter, and our clients knew, that our proprietary news sentiment indicator was showing bullish through the election.


Our clients were able to act ahead of the brief downturn in the markets on Tuesday night. When others were closing positions due to concerns around the political climate our clients were empowered to take a more measured approach. We create thousands of sentiment based signals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our clients use these signals in certain instances as a contrarian indicator and still others, for instance our Insight Index™ ROC (or momentum) indicator, as leading indicators.

The United States is in a period of political change. During this period of change or any other global change financial market participants require alternative market data sources to make informed, sound and effective investment or trading decisions.

This week closes with the Dow having its best week run in over 5 years and closing at a record high. A week that was momentarily overshadowed by presumed ongoing market turmoil. A week in which those market participants prepared with repeatable, insightful and actionable new analysis were able to participate fully in the stock market.