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In your office or on the go RelateTheNews provides the market news analysis you need to trade and invest more effectively.



RelateTheNews provides insightful and effective big data analysis of critical news sources 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We take that big data analysis and translate it into actionable and tangible small data which can be used daily in the stock markets. Our sentiment analysis helps investors and traders be more effective in their interaction with the stock markets.



Investors generally take the long term view with their participation in the stock markets. With the longer time horizon, investors are less tempted to take action on short-term changes in the markets or the stocks in their portfolios. But how does an investor know if changes in their stock's prices is temporary or the result of longer term forces? One method for identifying short term or long term change is to monitor changes in the sentiment contained within news relating to the stocks in the investor's portfolio. RelateTheNews can help individual investors monitor the news sentiment and its change over time. This is just one way in which we can help investors with their entire investment strategy.



Traders look for opportunity within each market day or attempt to make short term gains within a given week, month or quarter. Traders apply an infinite number of tools, analysis, and strategies to increase their effectiveness and profitability in the stock market. Individual traders have long struggled to consume and digest the tremendous amounts of market news created each day and its potential to signal price movement in the market as a whole or individual companies. The always on, always analyzing news sentiment engine created by RelateTheNews provides quantified news analysis that these traders can integrate into their existing strategies, market analysis and stock analysis to enhance their effectiveness in the stock market.