RelateTheNews can help your Investment process

Using RelateTheNews you can:

  • Immediately and efficiently throughout the day, Surface News and Stock Insights.
  • Quickly and simply see the entire universe of news by comparing the Insight Index™ with major market indices.
  • Gain greater insight on your specific holdings, portfolio or opportunities for new trades by comparison with the RelateTheNews Insight Index™.

Read on to learn about RelateTheNews

12 Years ago when I began trading $20M in notional value of equities and options I faced many challenges as I put my money on the line each and every trading day.  First, I had to identify my trading strategy, the How, of my trading.  Next I created my trading rules and various systems to help me follow those rules.  Then there was the daily task of preparing for that day’s market conditions and identifying the symbols, companies, or opportunities I would trade that day.  Creating my rules was a simple process with a set of checks and balances.  Creating my strategy was slightly more time consuming and it required revision over time, sometimes daily, based on market and capital conditions.  Facing the final challenge of effectively preparing for each market day is the catalyst that has become RelateTheNews.

I needed a tool to help sift through the over 30,000 articles published each day and surface the news that was most relevant to my portfolio, my strategy and to identify new investment or trading opportunity.  Institutional investment firms, large asset money managers and even many hedge funds hire large staffs of highly educated research analysts to help them prepare and adapt to the changing market conditions.  So, how does a start-up investment firm, institutional asset manager, an individual investor, or individual trader get ahead when competing against those dollars and a large in-house research staff?  RelateTheNews is a key component of giving you a competitive edge.  We can help you sift through all the sources of news and analysis so that you can once again make the news relevant to your trading and investing process.