Enable Firm Growth with Technology Investments that aid in rapid deployment and Risk Management

Make the right moves with relevant newsA recent article on Bob’s Guide highlights many reasons that now is the time to invest in technology for growth. In “Now is The Time to Invest in Technology that Enables Growth”, Christy Bremner discusses the changes in the global investment industry and potential for growth that will fundamentally change how investment firms do business.

Bremner discusses three key areas to consider during this time of growth and evolution in the industry.  At RelateTheNews we know that the analysis of textual data (ie news, social media, regulatory filings, emails, and internal documents) for sentiment is a component of aiding firms to address these areas of focus.

Bremner mentions that  “systems must provide visibility into and control over assets, including robust data monitoring and reporting tools” – in the traditional asset management world “robust data monitoring” was focused solely on changes in quantitative data relating to holdings or the markets.  As the investment management space evolves we are seeing an increased focus on applying this robust data monitoring to text based data to help firms gain new investments by proving they have a repeatable and measurable method for measuring portfolio risk not only from the quantitative data but also the qualitative data in their firm.  As the industry continues to adapt to changes in the markets, global economies and their client needs Bremner also highlights that  “operations solution is only effective if it is easily manageable. Systems should be easily implemented and not require custom coding to meet specific workflow needs. They should integrate cleanly into your existing infrastructure and be simple to use by multiple stakeholders”.  Legacy systems in the financial technology space were built to serve highly specific needs; today’s financial technology platforms must be built to adapt to a client’s growth and needs without the need for wholesale re-work and a standard of usability that used to be reserved for consumer technologies.

RelateTheNews has built a sentiment analysis engine which can aid the growth of institutional money managers, as well as manage risk in their trading and portfolios through the quantitative analysis of qualitative data which can pinpoint changes in their portfolios, market sentiment and perspective over time.  The sentiment analysis engine was built to be simply and easily customized to meet the specific needs of a firm, a region or market while still having a robust core which allows for quick and efficient install.  At RelateTheNews we know that markets move rapidly, and that the technology used to interact with those markets, manage risk and grow your firm’s assets needs to keep up with those changes in the markets.

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