Does social media impact the stock markets?

In a recent article from The Trade over half of traders think that social media does impact the market.  In their article (“Half of traders say social media generates alpha”)they mention that over half of professional traders believe there is opportunity to capture alpha(essentially your risk adjusted return, see Investopedia for a more detailed definition) from social media markets.  The fact that these statistics are related to institutional trading space make it even more relevant to the retail trader or individual investor.  As institutions begin to pay attention more to the social media opportunities, the retail trader and investor will need to match their capability to analyze sources for greater insight to gain an edge when placing their trades or choosing their investments.

At RelateTheNews we too believe that it is important, and quickly becoming critical, to monitor social media in your investing.  However, relying solely on social media can be limiting and as mentioned in the article it is critical to be aware of false positives.  Our goal at RelateTheNews is to bring the types of analysis that are being applied to social media content to the realm of online news sources – extending the reach of your analysis and preparations for trading and investing.   We want to empower you with the tools and analytics that are critical to institutional traders and help you to be more competitive in the markets.

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