Decision fatigue impacts stock market research

“You might imagine that it’s harder to analyze two stocks than it is to analyze one, and you would be right. In particular, it’s harder to analyze the second stock, because you are tired from analyzing the first” – Matt Levine Decreased research accuracy Mr. Levine brings levity and insight to the stock markets each day with his Money […]

One news sentiment provider is all you need – not really(Part 2)

Last week we began a discussion on the assumption that more than one provider of alternate market data is unnecessary. The reality is that the proprietary analysis process applied to common source material, such as news, creates unique signals as output. These unique signals can be additive in their effects and therefore multiple providers is […]

Stock & News Research is Critical, Are You Effective?

As personal investors, traders & market participants we all have the responsibility of staying current with our market research. We know all too well the impact that a positive news article can have for a stock on our watch-list and the sting that a bad earnings call can leave on our portfolio. Momentum can change […]

Relating News to Your Investments

As investors, we know it is critical to understand the impact that news plays in financial markets. Personal investors and traders are targeted & overwhelmed with information about “how to invest,” “where to invest,” and what stocks and mutual funds are the best investments. Our goal at is to empower investors to make the best decisions […]