Benefit from Intraday News Sentiment Changes

New individual investor clients often ask – How can I use the RelateTheNews app to identify unexpected changes in news sentiment during the day?

With our app users can see daily charts which show aggregate changes in business focused news sentiment changes as well as an insightful dashboard widget which displays intraday changes. One way in which RelateTheNews is different than other news and sentiment providers for individual investors and traders is our ability to provide both the number of articles positive or negative and the strength (how positive or negative) of sentiment for business focused news.

While these numbers and the widget give a useful picture into market news sentiment – its important to know what to look for in those numbers.

Knowing what to look for can maximize your ability to act effectively in the stock market. In this screenshot you can see that there are 188% more positive articles (meaning there are 188% more positive articles count wise than negative articles). You can also see that the strength of sentiment is 349% more negative. Being able to see that the number of negative articles is smaller than the number of positive articles but that the negative articles are much more strongly negative in meaning provides you with the true power to act rather than react as the market changes.

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