Are you using the right tools to trade the news?

Every trader has their favorite trading platform, stock charting tool, news site for stocks and finally their key technical analysis or fundamental data indicators. Using news as a quantified input into the trading process has always been a tremendous endeavor and one quite often reserved for only the largest Wall Street brokerages capable of spending vast amounts of money to solve the problem. Over the last 5 years trading analysis has been significantly applied to social media with a variety of outcomes for traders in the U.S. equities markets.

RelateTheNews strives each day to provide a set of quantified U.S. financial/stock market data set for traders and investors globally to make more informed investment decisions.

Rate of Change Momentum Indicator for Market News by RelateTheNewsIn the first half of 2015 our news sentiment analytics engine read and created sentiment data for over 57,000 unique business news articles. Each day the analysis of these articles is displayed in the Market Insight Summary (for a whole market perspective) and via the Daily or intra-day  Insight Index™ charts. Today RelateTheNews extends that capability even further with the addition of Insight Index™ Rate of Change (ROC). With the Insight Index™(news sentiment) rate of change traders and investors have a more powerful and informative news analysis technical indicator for use when making crucial trading or investing decisions in the stock market. Many components of technical analysis can be used as either a leading or trailing indicator with regard to the markets as a whole or individual stocks.

Start using the RelateTheNews Insight Index™ Rate of Change (ROC) today to see how you can use it as a part of your trading or investing strategy.