About RelateTheNews


Our Mission

Transform unstructured data into actionable insight for the capital markets


The RelateTheNews Story

Founded to meet the needs of individuals and trading firms of all sizes RelateTheNews is built to provide actionable insight to drive alpha. We combine data science techniques, psychology, domain specific understanding and cutting edge technology to drive real-time analysis of text data (unstructured big data) to power effective,  unique, and leading decision making in the global capital markets. Learn more about the RelateTheNews.

Why relate the news

What we do at RelateTheNews to drive alpha generating decisions is powered by why we do it. By insuring we know the needs of our clients and partners we deliver on sentiment analysis which drives action and increases profit making opportunities.


Our team brings together experience from a large variety of disciplines including – data science, software development, statistical analysis, marketing, trading, portfolio management, finance, sales and more. We are always looking for bright minds that work hard as great team players to drive innovation and success for our clients. Based on the Silicon Slopes of Salt Lake City we believe in an environment that includes time to experience the things that help our employees succeed both on the job and outside of work. Our clients are globally distributed and we have opportunities in most global market centers including New York City, London, Hong Kong and more as we continue to grow.  If you believe you would be a good fit in helping our company grow and our companies profit in the markets – contact us today.

Parent Company

At RelateTheNews we have put our parent company INTERConnect Analytics, Inc’s mission into action to benefit global financial market participants. By applying innovative technology and domain specific expertise we insure that RelateTheNews meets the needs of the financial markets as other INTERConnect Analytics companies do for their respective markets – sports, medical and legal.