AI and NLP News Sentiment Insights Powering Stock Trading

Commodity tools for analysis come up short

You are missing opportunities hidden in the big data your company needs to perform. Alpha and a competitive edge does not come from using off the shelf natural language processing (NLP) tools. You could be missing out on opportunities hidden in the data if you are using AWS, GCP, Watson or other globalized non-domain specific solutions. At RelateTheNews we use industry standard techniques with a completely proprietary implementation of NLP built specifically to serve the capital markets.

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In-house textual big data is underutilized to drive alpha

Global investment firms of all sizes including quant hedge funds, quantamental asset managers, advisory firms and brokerages have tremendous amounts of in house text based data. This data is often completely overlooked or insufficiently analyzed for actionable insights to drive alpha. With the RelateTheNews Sentiment Analysis Platform as a Service (Paas) partners transform their internal sources of data into a competitive edge. Clients using the PaaS can analyze any of their proprietary text based data (emails, news, briefings, regulatory filings, research reports, etc.) using our proprietary sentiment analysis engine, receive results in real-time and take action throughout the entire investment lifecycle with their resulting quantified data. Learn how your company can benefit from the RelateTheNews Platform as a Service.

The benefits of using Machine Learning, AI and NLP are critical to success

There is far too much textual data both publicly and internally available for firms to not use the power of ML, AI and NLP to transform that information into quantified actionable patterns. RelateTheNews is an alternative market data provider providing our proprietary sentiment data tailored to the financial industry. The sentiment analysis engine powering our data as a service (DaaS) uses leading NLP and machine learning (ML) techniques combined with extensive domain specific industry experience. The resulting proprietary sentiment data is available via REST API in our Data as a Service(Daas).