$17.8B Buy-Side trading budgets shifting to data

For the last 4 years big data has accelerated as a global focus across a multitude of industries. 2018 is no different. Financial market participants such as hedge funds, quantamental funds and buy-side firms of all types continue to embrace this use of big data generally provided through alternative data providers.

The article"Buy-Side Set to Spend More on Tech, Not Traders" by John D'Antona Jr. drives home that there has been a shift from 30% of a buy-side firm's trading budget going toward technology to 40% of their budget going to technology and data in 2018. This is further evidence that the use of alternative data, specifically unique data sets or unique analysis continue the steady march to becoming critical tools in the pursuit of competitive investment performance in the global markets.

"more recently, a bigger share of this spend is being used on data and the analytics to put that data to work. Institutional investors, he said, view these investments as well worth the cost." - John D'Antona Jr.

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