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RelateTheNews is an alternative market data provider providing our proprietary sentiment data tailored to the financial industry. The sentiment analysis engine powering our data as a service (DaaS) uses leading NLP and machine learning (ML) techniques combined with extensive domain specific industry experience. The resulting proprietary sentiment data is available via REST API in our Data as a Service(Daas).



Sentiment Analysis Engine

for Financial Markets

RelateTheNews has created an adaptable Sentiment Analysis Engine with a focus on the financial markets. Our sentiment analysis engine utilizes leading technologies to analyze financial market text data in real-time for meaningful actionable insights. Insights which generate alpha and empower firms throughout the investment industry.


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Driving Alpha

RelateTheNews provides a platform as a service to FinTech partners and institutions globally.

The RelateTheNews PaaS enables partners to analyze any of their proprietary text based data (news, briefings, regulatory filings, research reports, etc.) using our proprietary sentiment analysis engine and receive results that are only for their use from the platform.

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RelateTheNews selected for 2017 Benzinga FinTech Awards

For two years running, RelateTheNews industry leading alpha driving sentiment data is recognized in the Benzinga FinTech Awards. Industry experts, clients and market participants continue to recognize the value of RelateTheNews automated analysis for the capital markets. 

Generating Alpha

with News Sentiment


To learn more about an example trading algorithm which utilizes one of the RelateTheNews proprietary sentiment indicators, the Insight Index®, review our white paper. Read More


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